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Wanting Sexy Meet Compliments to give a guy you like

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Compliments to give a guy you like

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How to compliment a guy (+ 40 best compliments for men)

I love how easy it is to have a conversation with you. It is an honor to know you.

Some may say it. It resulted in blushes and smiles.

Is he good at fixing things? You are funny, man. Thank you for being with me. You have such strong principles. You are classically handsome. You smell great. I believe in you.

You're always so much fun. You have such a great smile.

Attraction-based compliments for him

And also that you wish you had met him earlier or wanted to know each other earlier. Those are your kids?

Thanks for taking care of my insert name. You are so open-minded.

40 best compliments for guys

Thank you for always having my back. Wow, you can really tell you put the effort in at the gym, those arms of ylu are impressive — or pecs or six-pack… 7.

It still holds true today, and trust me, you will definitely make his day or week, month, year, maybe? I love being in your arms.

I think this would be a great compliment when it is timed properly. And, as a bonus non-verbal compliment, make sure to respond to your partner's smiles with your own to spread some extra good vibes.

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Honestly, you are way hotter than Brad Pitt. That beard is killing it. Everyone loves to hear a compliment- right? Everything about you is sexy.

You have the power to make it better. I love how optimistic you always are. Do you love the way he dresses?

Compliment a guy for his positive nature

You have great communication skills. I love your insert color here eyes. The ultimate goal of every boy.

You make me happy in a way that I have never felt before. I love how I can just be myself around you — when he is fully accepting of everything you complimentss. So go ahead and compliment. You are so brave.

I admire your candor. You are such a good father. The compliments for guys. I have so much respect for you. Whatever It is I want to be a part of it.

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He helped you with a problem by supporting and staying beside you. I love your persistence.

Maybe not a pro model but like someone who is famous for his dressing. They only think they are. A funny one.

+ best compliments for guys

You can be so romantic. I look up to you so much. However you compliment his physical appearance, it will make him feel cpmpliments. You have such a warm heart.