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Age: 56
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City: Mornington Peninsula
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My work contract ended and I moved back to my hometown just before Christmas. But just as labels can reassure, they can also confine or confuse, or seem ggay a restriction to those terrified of being defined by it for ever. We used to meet several times a week. The notion of break up sex is all very well, but he chose to go ahead with it presumably knowing that one outcome might be a baby.

You don’t have to label yourself as gay or straight, but the reasons why matter

Do you think I am best walking away or sticking by the man I love? But I see this differently.

And this le me to something else. For example, occasionally gay men get together with straight women.

His commitment to me seemed very strong and over the weeks, our love mna each other grew. It was an incredible experience. As a fresher at universityRobin, then 18, fell into a relationship lovf Dom, But I was particularly curious about the line in your letter that refers to his having cheated on you and how that has resulted in the birth of the child that now apparently prevents him from being with you.

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Gay men aren't toys to be practised on. And in the meantime, my ex is begging me to go back to him. You ask me if you should live in hope of resurrecting what you had with this man or walk away. When Luke battled depression no gag pals were on the scene, Robin stepped up top help out and ended up catching feelings.

pove You and this man both had long-term partners and a chance meeting clearly led to earth-shattering excitement and what seemed like an emerging relationship. He also promised me he was no longer having sex with his partner. You are who you are. And, coincidentally, Robin again found himself entangled with one.

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But the main issue is that regardless of how he might have defined himself sexually, he has found it very difficult to put his relationship with you first. He made it clear he was unhappy with you continuing to have sex with your partner and encouraged you to give that relationship up and yet, ultimately, he was clearly not prepared to take the same steps for himself that he advocated for you. He is lov good father and insists he wants to stick by her and support their child and baby, which, of course, I respect him for.

I thought that was adorable, and sensible, and kind of romantic. The idea my future was irrelevant and that in some way admitting he was with me would ruin his, made me feel worthless.

This new man in my life made me incredibly happy. Ask Ammanda: I'm gay but I've fallen in love with a straight ggay Ask Ammanda: I'm gay but I've fallen in love with a straight man Four months ago, while working away from home on a contract, I hooked up with a guy on a dating site.

I moved into a new house and he drove down to visit each weekend. He said he was straight though, and that he had never been with a guy before, msn from messing around in his teens and was just curious.

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He would always tell me he wasn't like me, and couldn't be, because he 'had his whole future ahead of him'. He was very keen for us to leave our respective partners so we could move in together and start Swingers dating O'neals new life as a couple. Within minutes of our rendezvous, he messaged me to say how fantastic the sex was and that he wanted to see me again. So I gag my four-year relationship and a few days later, he told his partner he wanted to break up, but he that would stay in the family home for the sake of their teenage son.

It is, of course, up to you to decide to wait or not for a life with this man. The point here is that however people define themselves — in a relationship, being honest with amn partner is more likely to make for a rich and rewarding experience.

Does it result from your actions, or how you feel inside? The relationship blossomed and eventually, we were spending entire weekends together, with him telling his family he was working away. Now, all relationships are complex. Pinterest What does it mean to put a label on your sexuality, to as a category to your own existence?

This may sound harsh and of course, people are doing this all the time but it seems to me that your new love probably always saw his long-term partnership as the primary one.