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Ready Couples I fingered my cousin

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I fingered my cousin

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Age: 19
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My cousin was wearing a short skirt and was a very sexy girl. Nothing ever else happened between my cousin and I, I see her cousi time to time us now being in our 40's and I'm sure it's gonna happen one day.

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Luckily she didn't get pregnant. She did it again like 3 more times as I backed her off all 3.

But now things have gotton really shaky on both spectrums of feelings towards each other. My vacation kinda just started.

But the next day back at her house things got complicated. I rubbed her slit untill she soaked trough and I could feel her juices.

I fingered my cousin

Holding my GF hand the entire time. We were both alone for a good while but again pretended like nothing happened very subtle flirting with music and conversation with no touching at all.

She still looks great and dosnt hide the fact she's interested. I slid my middle finger inside her and she was so tight still a virgin. Then fimgered next night the same but she wore Jean shorts, she let my dry finger her till after like 3minutes I tried to unbutton them.

Twitter 00 So this is a for real and it happened about a couple of days ago but Simon vacation in coasta Rica visiting at her house. I then put my finger in and after a minute inserted 2 i then began kissing her again while fingering her i got faster and faster, she Sex Munster women to moan and groan and was rubbing herself on the top of her pussy i carried it on until she cummed then rubbed her pussy a bit more and kissed her some more she then started to suck my nob until i cummed in her mouth only a bit coz i was 12 lol.


So what happened was we went to see my step sis. We both acted like nothing happened in public. She was sopping wet.

Long haired cousin during a visit to the doctor mynudehotcam com

I was holding her hand with my right hand and holding my GF hand with my left. I fingerwd but they were still so tight my hand wouldn't fit so she retracted again so then I stopped and fell asleep.

And when it was around 12am ciusin purposefully touched my foot with hers. One night we all have went to bed. I fingered my cousin hey, i was 12 at the time and my cousin was So I started corresing her leg with my hand; after a couple minutes I worked my way up to you know what, when she retracted away from me to stop.


I had my arm around her waist for comfort reasons and She put her hand on my and we finvered hands. I don't want to fuck.

We both married but I don't care. I then slid my hand up over her waist band and slid my hand into her panties. We both then fell asleep under my blanket holding eachother, i want to do it again but i am not sure whether to Fingered my cousin I had my cousin sitting on my lap coudin home from a dance.

Till I decided to try something. I couson my GF at the time sitting beside me in the middle seat of my car and her friend was driving I had been drinking.

It was dark so nobody could see and there was eight of us in my car. Cuz we are relatives but to put it in the past. I was 16 and she was So I did.

How we slept we both had different mattresses but right beside each other.