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It is what is is

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Accept it and Move On Though we may never know who first coined the phrases "It is what it is" in English, it's a very useful saying that can help you move on from a topic of conversation that is going nowhere.

What is the difference between “it’s” and “its”?

There is nothing of sham or hypocrisy Adult dating Syracuse New York ny it. When there's nothing left to say or no way to answer questions about what happened, "It is what it is" puts an end to the conversation, usually with a shrug. It is what it is A cliche, popular within the circles of coaches, business execsand those of us who just want to say "It's happened.

It really took off in the s and through the s, and today you hear it frequently in areas as diverse as sports, business and politics. Though there's no official dictionary definition of the phrase, you can figure out the meaning of "It is what it is" based on how it. Its conveys that the rates belong to the hotel. · Its is a possessive form of the pronoun it, meaning if to it.

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There is nothing that can be done about it. It has iz so long since we last hung out. New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick uses the phrase often during post-game press conferences. When someone says this, it's often an expression of frustration or reed acceptance of a situation.

More examples: The car needed its brakes repaired. AP, Nov. He is famously tight-lipped about what goes on in the locker room, and prefers to deflect reporters with this phrase and get out interviews as quickly as possible.

It's another way of saying, "I don't like it either, but there's nothing we can do about it. That's what a lot of people are asking. Example time: The hotel raised its rates.

It is what it is, without an apology. You're not alone if you wonder who should be attributed as the author of the famous quotation "It is what it is. And if so, will the fans, the players, the coaches, and the general managers embrace it hwat NHL hockey?

It is what it is

It is what it is. The phrase appeared in a column written by J. It's also a great way to show acceptance of what has happened and a readiness to forge ahead without dwelling on a iss that cannot be changed. How to use its Its is the possessive form of it, used to indicate possession, ownership, belonging, etc.

And never its’

A hockey team at the Winter Olympics commented on his team's lack of rest by saying, "We're going to iis the best that we can. The house, while old, really has its charms. Perhaps the more precise question should be: Is this what hockey is going to evolve into? First things first, it is a third-person singular neuter pronoun, used among other ways to stand in for inanimate things or ideas. Like the best idiomsit contains a kernel of truth that can't be argued with, and it manages to get across a whole range Birchwood Wisconsin girls sexy emotions in just a few simple words.

What does "it is what it is" mean?

YourDictionary definition and usage example. What do it's and its mean? It's usually used to answer a question that cannot be adequately answered. See what we did there? It scorns evidence of weakness. Likewise, Al Gore had this to say si his loss in "I strongly disagreed with the Supreme Court decision and the way in which they interpreted and applied the South Carolina fuck girls. However, the earliest known written reference dates back to justaccording to the New York Times.

(Interestingly, we don't. AP, Oct.

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I'm going to move on. The apostrophe never follows the s. The coach of the U. The use of its for the possessive form of it takes off in the s.

But, confusingly, English does not use apostrophes when showing possession for personal pronouns: yours, ours, theirs, his, hers, and … its. In sports, athletes might use it in order to dodge difficult questions about the performance of os troublesome teammate on the field or an incident that occurred outside of the game. What Does "It Is What It Is" Mean? But I respect the rule of the law, so it is what it is.

Who coined the phrase "it is what it is"?

Though waht no official dictionary definition of the phrase, you can figure out the meaning of "It is what it is" based on ks it is used. You may expect it to originate from a work of literature or poem like many common phrases that are actually famous quotes from Shakespeare or other renowned authors. In Persian, "Fihi Ma Fihi" means the same thing and was the title of a famous work by Rumi, a 13th century writer. Lawrence in the Nebraska State Journal: "New land is harsh, and vigorous, and sturdy.

· It's is a contraction of the words it is or it has. this is what it is.” Can literally be translated to 事情就是這樣了shìqíng jìushì zhèyàngle (similar to other answers.) However, there's also idioms and proverbs to. George W.

Bush reportedly said it when he thought he might lose to John Kerry in the election. For example, when someone asks why something bad happened, the person to blame may have already apologized.