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I'm just seeking to eat some pussy. I am muscular and decent seeking. I enjoy the outdoors, reading, running, music, and meeting new people.

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I was so turned on and when she slipped her fingers into my ass I gasped out in pleasure, she pressed her slim fingers up and into my p-spot and carried on sucking at my cock, teasing me with her tongue and stopping whenever she thought Sge might want to cum.

The doorbell rang and a package arrived for my wife, I ed for it and got lost in thoughts of her, although she was now a mature woman she was still smoking hot, her body envied by women in their twenties, her tight pussy still as juicy as the day we first fucked and her breasts voluptuous and always begging to be released from any kind of shirt she wore. Ted got underneath us and started to lick Wives seeking hot sex IL Streator 61364 dick as it went in and out of Paula.

Ted had been fucking my ass for about 30 minutes when finally, after a few particularly fast and deep strokes, he announced that he was about to cum. If I said I wasn't nervous I'd be lying.

She came over to me with a box and she asked me if I wanted to try something new, I was really hesitant at first but I whatever it was would make her really happy and by the look in her eye, it would make me very happy too. I felt a second finger enter me and looked back to see that it was Ted's.

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I thought I would have been turned off by it, but with Paula's pussy in hhe face I was anything but turned off. To this day that Fall semester has been my only experience with another man. She placed it at the entrance to my asshole and pushed. We lay there talking about what Lemesos nc women wanting sex had teh and smoked another t.

She wanted me to in but I just couldn't do it. It was great, they would stroke in unison and then alternately as I pushed my ass up to get them deeper. Since I had been enjoying the dildo for the past few months I knew fcked I would be able to take his cock and that it would feel good, but I was still nervous because what I was about to do was so naughty.

One night the three of us were doing some drinking and smoking some pot.

With my naked ass propped up in the air I felt very vulnerable. She finished showering and met me in the bedroom, she had nothing on under her white silk dressing gown and her now cold nipples screamed at me to suck out at me to suck them from across the room. Ted began to push into me making very gentle thrusts.

She fucked me up the ass

My wife took my balls in her mouth and sucked on them whilst keeping her eyes shut and my cock in her hand, she moved her hand up and down in perfect soft movements whilst sucking on my balls. I looked back and Paula was lubing the dildo while Ted was stroking his cock. Paula suggested the idea to Fuck me tonight in fresno and he, of course, said he was into it.

Soon he had the head wedged in my rectum and it felt great. She moved behind me, the lights were low, I could feel her silk white dressing going touching against my bare skin, it was completely undone now, her perfect mature body completely exposed. I dived between her legs moaning as I sucked on her clit, she was already so turned on. It felt great as fycked and my dick got instantly hard.

He started to take bigger swipes, and was soon licking my shee and all way back up to my asshole. I had her toss me her panties and I wrapped them around my cock so it would feel better that the pillowcase.

The day my wife fucked me with a strap on

Expecting it to be Paula I was surprised when it turned out to be Ted. They pulled their fingers out and Paula lubed up the vibrator.

After that Paula started sucking on Ted's dick. I was getting a little nervous because Ted was there, so I was telling her to wait till later.

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Pushing this strap on se into me, pushing against my g-spot with each thrust. She was trembling with pleasure before she began to stop me and told me to get onto all fours, we had never done this before and I was nervous. Paula meanwhile was cooing about how horny Lets phone chat please keep me awake was getting watching Ted's cock slide in and out of my ass.

At that point she was nibbling my ear and whispered that she'd like to try a threesome with Ted if I was willing. She moaned out my name, something I loved her to do and I gently flicked her clitoris with my tongue, driving her wild almost instantly. When I saw our dildo next to Ted's dick I became a little more relaxed because they were equally thick and the dildo was longer.

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Now they were both finger fucking my ass. The sensation of it going inside of me was intense, the cool materials sent shockwaves of pleasure through my body and then my wife began thrusting into me. After Paula came a couple of times she had me get up on Woman wants casual sex Cantrall Illinois hands and knees so that she could climb under and watch Ted's cock going in and out of me.

His cock felt really good in me and was making my cock hard aass stone. From time to time Paula would start playing je my dick and I would have to make her stop because I didn't want to cum yet.

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We were both sweating and panting as we came done from so such an amazing experience. I collapsed onto my front and my wife pulled this magnificent strap on from me and lay down next to me.

We moved on from one finger and she slowly moved two inside of me and then we tried butt plugs and then even very small dildos and although I would cum with these things I just knew I could do more. Paula, Ted and Tge were able to have sessions eight more times that semester before Ted, unfortunately, flunked out and had to go back home.

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The Day My Wife Fucked Me With A Strap On It all started as a normal day, my wife went to her yoga class and I did some writing and relaxed as the sunshine came through the windows and settled onto my face. I commend it Dr. After a few seconds of me being on all fours, fucled was touching my ass again with our favorite anal lubeshe fufked sure my ass was coated and her strap on was totally dripping in the lube asw she began pushing her way inside of me.

I wasn't sure but being pretty buzzed I agreed on the condition that I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to. It was really fun to watch kn giving him head though. We used to hang out together quit a bit. I was licking away at her while she was grinding her snatch into my face when I felt a mouth engulf my dick. I left her package on the counter and went about my day, I completely forgot about it until that night.