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Sudafed erowid

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Even then, I would pause and have to think It is a bit similar to ecstasy, minus the emotions and visuals.

Sudafd am in a state of euphoria. Within thirty minutes, I was beginning to feel dissociated. Six or seven hours later I still felt relaxed and even dissociative, as if I would be looking in on myself from a camera attached next to my body. I have the attitude that no one really knows for sure what is going on inside you unless you tell.

A minor stimulant at most, I thought. Exp Year: No stimulant properties, either.

Most of the effects seemed to have worn off two hours later. At higher doses, I have seen an increase of nausea to mg that overruns any sudafev high' feeling I may get. This substance, this gift from God, is something I will come back to in the future.

Perhaps breathing is a little easier. However, remember that everyone's body chemistry is different and what works for me may not work for you. That is to say that sudafd trip lasted about an hour. At my friend and I took three full strength 60mg Sudafed tablets each.

Furthermore, it was not a visual but rather a mental thing. As I am writing this, words seem to flow freely.

We then waited for the effects to kick in. The last time I explored what this would do was last night, in April.

I found that I could breathe sudafedd easily and sing higher and better than I had before. Please be careful when driving, as it seems like I was just playing a video game. When it's gone, it's gone. At that stage we were convinced that no effect was going to take place.

None did. The sun is setting outside of my window and looking at it almost forces tears of joy. I had to force myself to come and write down this note: music is enhanced. Nevertheless, I will wrowid on. I recently read an article relating to an experience of taking mg pseudo and having a very euphoric trip.

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Co-workers were none the wiser, having known that I had not acquired much sleep the night before. I felt a pleasant sensation and driving home seemed effortless - probably too effortless. Exp Year: Breathing is easy and everything feels very good. Lying there, I knew how wonderful it felt to be here, I could feel how my blankets were wrapped around me and I felt dissociated from almost everything, alone in time and space.

When I would be asked a question, I would have to think it over in my mind before producing an answer. I had to remind myself that cars are real and that I erlwid not just floating home.

Ten minutes later I feel great. As if every orifice in my body has cleared up.

I decided, then, to give it a try. But the question still lingers in my mind: why does this have such an intense effect? Finally, I got online and really wanted to chat, but by then I was peaking - it was about by then.