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One day I when I have some extra money I would like to go on a hot air swallpwing ride. BE REAL AND SEND A PIC. I am a very well sleeped person, educated and a business owner, not your average person from 's list. If you are looking for a physically fit, chocolate, well educate woman. HOPING TO FIND A girl FRIEND TO BE FLIRTY WITH IF THE VIBE IS RIGHT AND SEE WHERE IT GOES.

Age: 40
Relationship Status: Dowager
Seeking: Wanting Couples
City: Stanton County, Rockcastle County, Monona
Hair: Carnation pink
Relation Type: Sex Married Woman Searching Discreet Fucking

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Is something wrong? Looking back I know it was the fingering and petting that actually tore and stretched my hymen the most. I'm just a spitter.

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He was gentle. It tasted like But after Noah's humiliating imitation of Spitter Girl, I quietly resolved to swallow next time I gave a blowjob. And I would be lying if I said part of me wasn't being a bit of a contrarian brat about it.

It lasted about 15 minutes on the couch in my parent's basement before he came in me no condom. Mere days later, I found myself wedged between my boyfriend's legs doing some fairly dexterous suck-and-rotate. So I was really into it and when he told me he was about to come I just swalowing going and let him come in my mouth.

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Should Tme kiss him afterwards? I rolled towards him and kissed him, still half smiling. Before taking my virginity he had fingered me several times - which was actually pretty painful at first. I'm an oversharer and the type of person who has sexual proclivities that most people would consider perverted.


It was disgusting. I think if I were a dude and a girl was always spitting out my splooge, my feelings would be hurt. Like, suddenly there was this rush of salty liquid in my mouth, no warning. I was really surprised and didn't know what to do. When either happens, I will happily and forever ingest his dick juice.

The first time i swallowed

So much came out so fast. In one fluid motion I gulped his outcome as though it was a tequila shot. And yet, I'd never thrown one down the hatch. I think it's just fine.

Susan F. If you want to swallow or enjoy swallowing then I wish you many glasses of jizz to sip upon until the end of your days. Moreover, I don't think swallowing should be a precondition of sucking cock. But since we were still pretty new, I really wanted to wait before we got into the period sex thing so I decided to go down on him instead. It was the first time I'd let him cum while my lips were still wrapped around his dick. It was cool, I think. The idea of spoiling the moment to run to the sink and spit?

My current boyfriend and I had "gone all the way. I needed to up my fellatio game, right?

The big gulp: 10 people on the first time they swallowed

Our first time together felt pretty good. He was laying on a couch and I was kneeling beside him on the floor, head bobbing up and down. I rose up to my knees and flicked my head back. All I could think about was the swallow.

The big gulp: my first time swallowing

He was getting swallowing first time hard, he was starting to moan, and I could really taste his seeman starting to flow. In almost 27 years on this planet, I had not once ingested the semen of a man. I was like 19, and it was a huge load too and I was like OH OK THEN and then it tasted so wrong, like off milk mixed with ball sweat and so Adult personals of Camarillo California swallowed it… then I tried to remain suave and sexy… then my stomach was churning and I threw up gluggy hot semen and it swal,owing the most disgusting feeling rising up from my throat into my mouth.

And if I could overcome my fear of heights by parachuting sdallowing a mountain in Switzerland, what was a tiny little gulp of jizz by comparison? That's not to say I have anything against cum. The first time I swallowed was not my choice and I had no warning.

It was nice that tme was a very concrete end point because otherwise I would have had no idea when to be done, at that point. I could tell from the way he was clenching his butt cheeks that he was close, and my mind was racing. He was starting to thrust into my mouth a little using his hips.

Subscribe to the VICE newsletter. One night we all have went to bed. He wanted me to put the syrup on his dick.

What did I do? While I was blowing him, he kept saying how good it was and that he was close — you know, the usual pep talk. On my belly, on my butt, in my vag, cum is nudity's best accessory.